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Nicaragua - a look back

In our 50th Anniversary Celebrations we are supporting a wonderful cause in Nicaragua - Soppexcca, a cooperative of over 600 producer members and one that supports local farmers in Northern Nicaragua.

This is not our first project to support Nicaragua - ten years ago we took on a similar challenge over a three year period. We still have the resources from that project and would encourage you to read them once again, and share with your church too.

Here we also share the thoughts of one of the participants who went over to visit the project on our behalf.

Margaret's Personal Reflection

Companions on the journey As I travelled across the world to a country where they are struggling with the effects of climate change, deforestation, drought, floods, landslides and tax injustice, and where 80 per cent of the people live on less than US$2 a day, I was constantly reminded of the importance of ‘companions on the journey’.

My companions on the journey from Britain to Nicaragua were four other members of Congregational Churches across Britain and two Christian Aid staff members. On arrival, the eighth member of the group joined us, one of Christian Aid’s resident representatives in Nicaragua. Other companions joined us from Christian Aid and its partner organisations as we travelled the length and breadth of the country. Throughout our stay we supported each other on the physical and spiritual journey we were taking together.

We were heartened to see that the money raised here at home is being wisely used and is going directly to help the Nicaraguan people through the various cooperatives and the local and national non-profit organisations with whom Christian Aid works.

We were inspired by the ordinary people we met, often in rural areas, who are very hardworking and constantly strive against the odds to improve their standard of living. I was, over and over again, humbled by the way these gracious and friendly people warmly welcomed a bunch of complete strangers, from a land faraway, into their homes, proudly showing us what they had been able to achieve with the help they had received and sharing their hopes for the future.

Humbled too, that wherever we went they said: ‘We thank God that you have come.’

To witness at first hand the valuable work which Christian Aid is doing through its partners in Nicaragua is an experience I will never forget. Most of all I will always remember the inspiring, extraordinary, ordinary people we met. In the future, when I grumble about some household gadget not working, or run out of something in the food cupboard, I hope I will remember that there are many people across the world who have very little, but who don’t grumble and get on with life in difficult circumstances.

By raising money for the Firm Foundations Appeal and raising awareness of their situation, for the ordinary people we met along the way we are companions on their journey and they, in turn, will become companions on the journey of others in their own communities as they share their skills, knowledge and resources. It is good to know that whoever we are and wherever we live in the world, we all have a constant companion on the journey – Jesus our risen Lord and Saviour.

Please continue to remember the people of Nicaragua in your prayers.

Margaret Johnson