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Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) Malawi

Christian Aid Partnership 2024-25

More than ever, the people of Malawi need our support to carve out new opportunities and hope.

Through the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), Christian Aid and its partners are doing just that. This year, we invite you to make a difference by supporting this vital project. You will help households in Mulanje and Phalombe districts lift themselves out of extreme poverty and will support them as they rebuild their lives and livelihoods in the aftermath of the deadly cyclone.


Christian Aid REAP leaflet - please download and share widely

Link to donate online via the Website

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And the best part?

All donations will be matched pound for pound by AquAid and the Africa Trust, up to £500,000. Let’s work together to transform lives and make a lasting impact. Thank you for your support.

Christian Aid Project LaunchREAP: Lifting families out of extreme poverty REAP aims to support families to lift themselves out of extreme poverty in Mulanje and Phalombe districts, southern Malawi, by helping them to develop sustainable livelihoods and increase their incomes. The two districts were badly impacted by Cyclone Freddy, with many of the targeted households losing their assets, crops and houses. The project is being delivered together with our local partner Alliance Development Africa Foundation (ADAF), alongside local district community development and agriculture offices. We will support the targeted families to access vital savings and loan by establishing a network of village savings and loans associations (VSLAs) and giving them business training and support.

AquAid and the Africa Trust will generously fund 50% of this £1,000,000 project.

Project impact
This project is expected to have a significant impact on the lives and opportunities of the targeted households.

In particular, the project will:

  • Improve and diversify livelihood practices, leading to greater financial resilience and reducing household vulnerability to external shocks, including price increases and disasters.
  • Increase income and income sources, resulting in improved living standards and an increased ability to meet basic needs (such as food, shelter and education).
  • Improve the status and opportunities of marginalised groups, especially for girls and women. Evidence continues to show that being financially active and independent is a key route to women’s empowerment.

Thank you for giving generously.

To donate via our website click the link at the top right hand side. On our payment page you will need to fill in your details and click the button next to Christian Aid - Malawi Appeal.