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CWM Global Assembly 2016

The CWM Global Assembly took place from June 19th -June 25th in Korea. Barbara Bridges, Adrian Wyatt and Vince Carrington represented the Congregational Federation at this event, with Sandra Turner involved as a Deputy Moderator, and Graham Adams involved in organising the worship events.

Feeding back after the event, Adrian Wyatt says:

'We discovered a richness of culture and diversity in all, but places where other riches (wealth) remain with too few. We found a world massive in its complexity, vibrancy, hurt and hope, but a world getting smaller each day. Exposure visits to local culture opened our eyes to much, and at times perhaps too much. We were ‘exposed’ to open our minds, but at times, it was a one sided exposure leaving more questions than answers.

Church visits encouraged us with such a passion for God and His word. 5am services each day would challenge many of us…..but stop, remember culture is different……but should that make a difference?

All in all it has been a time of cultures meeting cultures, nations crossing seas, regions crossing lands and importantly hands crossing tables.

What will arise? Will it be part of God’s plan of ‘Healing: Hope in Action’…. that, as always is in God’s hands. For now we stop, hope and pray for the next 4 years.' Adrian Wyatt

Images from the event and short videos will appear in the following pages.