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Virtual Church Meetings

The Governance of a Congregational Church is focussed around the church meeting under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Under lockdown when meetings can’t take place as normal holding a virtual meeting could be option for you.

We have a recorded zoom meeting discussing and sharing ideas for virtual meetings which works alongside this document.

Here are some helpful tips

  • Prepare as much beforehand as possible and use the polling facility for recommendations or proposals. Include agree, disagree and abstain
  • Use the software facilities for example the hands up reaction when people want to speak
  • One hour is enough time for an online meeting
  • Nominate someone to host the meeting different from the chair
  • Make sure everyone uses an appropriate name on their profile
  • Send out guidelines/instructions before hand relating to safeguarding including wearing appropriate clothing
  • It is difficult to hold a discussion with more than 7 people so think about more organised debates using breakout rooms or nominate a small group to discuss and share findings at the next meeting
  • If you have a paid zoom account people without internet access can still join via a telephone – they would just need a method to be arranged in how they input
  • Telephone conferences are also a good way to hold meetings so everyone is able to share – there are lots of free ways to do this