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Time to Talk

So much for New Year resolutions it’s 20th March and I’m writing my February blog but never mind. February was a good month, we held our first Accreditation Group meeting which was productive and informative. Paul Rochester the General Secretary of the Free Churches Group came and led sessions on discerning a calling and asking the right questions.

Songs of the SpiritAsh Wednesday was also St Valentine’s Day which was a unique experience for Lent. I have been enjoying this book Songs of the Spirit by Megan Daffern and have really found it reflective and with so much content to learn. I’m constantly catching up with myself but God always speaks.

I have visited 2 churches this month Stepney in the east end of London – I enjoyed worshipping with a small group of ladies then Sue cooked a delicious lunch. There was a lovely atmosphere if not chaotic for poor Sue who kept getting interrupted by guests in the accommodation. They have a wonderful resource if you are ever in London! (9th June)

Plans for Assembly are going well and you should have by now received your invitation.

Martin Top ChapelI also visited Martin Top. I reflected on the fact one day I was in a church in a big city and the next in a church in the middle of the countryside. Four of us met to pray. Every week a small group of faithful people meet for toast and prayer. Martin Top has recently started a toddler group to meet community need. Go and visit their website too it is an amazing resource.

At the end of the month by invitation from The Free Churches Group I went with Foday Kamara, Minister of Chinley Chapel to see the work of Compassion UK in Dominican Republic. After a stressful journey because of snow and missed connections we had a life changing visit. Compassion UK is a charity that works with churches across the world that provides a programme for children living in poverty. They meet social, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs. I saw first-hand the work they do through churches and was humbled and challenged by the experience.

The sponsorship costs £25 a month but it was more than that for me it was about building a relationship with these children to give them encouragement and hope. The home visits in particular were difficult yet the children were full of joy and welcomed us into their home. I have organised for there to be more information in the next mailing but if this is something you might be interested in please pray and get in touch. I would be more than happy to tell you more or talk at one of your church groups.

Easter is approaching - a time for new life, new hopes and new beginnings.

God bless,

Compassion UK in the Dominican Republic