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Season of Invitation

A Season of Invitation began as ‘Back to Church Sunday’ in 2004, which was an annual opportunity for churches across the UK and abroad to invite people to come with them to church.

Twelve years on, and a new season has emerged, moving from one invitational service to five:

  • Back to Church Sunday (September)
  • Harvest (October)
  • Remembrance (November)
  • Christmas Starts (early December)
  • Christmas (December)

Making the most of the Season
Season of Invitation is all about encouraging a culture of invitation and their website is designed to provide you with some general pointers that can be applied to each one of the 5 Sundays, as well as some more specific suggestions for each invitational moment. Their desire is to share from their experience what they believe works well, at the same time as recognising that you are best-placed to judge what will work in your particular context.

Take a look and get involved ... it's not too late.