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Keys to Revival Praying

BookIsn't it funny how things just fall into your lap sometimes. I read a review recently about a book called Holiness a Key to Revival and so I made enquires and about it directly with the authors David and Patricia Knowles who I now think of as friends as David and I talk at least once a week!!

David is passionate about a revival in the UK. He has amazing biblical knowledge and his second book Keys to Revival Praying is one that I am recommending you might like to read.

The book is only 50 pages long, it is easy to read and I was so captured by the content I read it in one sitting. It gives a brief history of revival and what it means, it emphasises how we must pray to see a revival and uses biblical references throughout.

I highly recommend this book and would encourage you to order it and then feedback your thoughts.

Click this link to buy the book.