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Celebrating & Encouraging Small Churches

In 2024 we will be running a series of events designed to encourage and help our smaller churches. One of the most important things they have told us is of the difficulties they have in finding leaders and people to fill in their church rotas. 

They also spoke of challenges around areas like Safegurading, of working with children and young people (often when you either have no children but willing leaders, or have no leaders but a small group of children!) and finding people to fill their pulpits Sunday by Sunday.

They also recounted the joy they have that other community groups use their premises, that they are able to support people in their local community and the fabulous fundraising that goes on for a multitude of difference causes.

So it will be a busy year ... but it will be an exciting year.

Next Event

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Finishing well

11am – 2pm
(With short break for lunch)

Month Event
April 24th Embracing being a small church - Dan Yarnell
May 22nd Safeguarding and leaders in Small churches
July 17th Finishing Well - Mark & Yvonne
September 25th Mission in a Smaller Church
November 27th Children and Young People