LEAF Programme

It is not only individuals that learn and grow but whole churches. When a church really understands the impact of something in an act of worship or Bible study; transformation happens! When a church realises that the world around it is changing but tries to understand and respond to that change; transformation happens! When a church takes a breath and thoughtfully looks at its practices; transformation happens! When a practical piece of training e.g. food hygiene makes a lunch club possible; transformation happens!


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LEAF is about providing opportunities for learning and training as locally as possible. A LEAF Church will have worked with the Learning and Development Enabler to create a learning plan unique to their needs. It might include short-courses, DVDs, a church away etc. There is practical and financial support. You can download some promotional postcards and an article for your church newsletter here.

LEAF stands for

  • Listening
  • Engaging in Learning
  • Acting in
  • Faith