Life Learning

Life Learning is the name we give to a two-year programme designed to help those who have graduated from the FD to make the transition from that structured learning experience of study to a life which continues to integrate learning and experience.

Its aim is to encourage the commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning. It follows completion of the FD in Practical Theology, whether validated by the university or studied on a non-validated basis. The programme starts at the final June course weekend of a student’s FD, and continues for the next two years.

For those seeking recognition on the Roll of Ministries, Life Learning is an essential component of the process, which is administered through the Accreditation Group of the Church Support Committee.

There are two ways to satisfy the requirements of this Life Learning programme:

  • Work with the Learning & Development Manager of the Congregational Federation to create a  programme of reflective learning in accordance with the model outlined below;
  • Proceed immediately on completion of the FD to enrolment on the BA (Hons) course.

Those who choose the former approach will be supported by a local mentor, agreed as between the individual and the Learning & Development Manager. Each individual will also be supported by the same Personal Tutor as on the FD. Dedicated sessions will also be provided at the June course weekends at the close of each academic year.

The Life Learning programme consists of five elements:

  • A series of book reviews, or reviews of other kinds of media (e.g. films, music albums, paintings, conferences), relating, in part, directly to the person’s ministry and discipleship, but also more broadly;
  • A piece of research, or study, relating to the person’s current ministry, agreed with the Learning & Development Manager, and resulting in a written report;
  • Participation in at least one learning event per year relevant to the person’s ministry, and run either by the Congregational Federation or another agency, as agreed by the Learning & Development Manager;
  • Attendance at the June course weekend at the end of each academic year; 
  • A report from the local mentor.