Customised Learning

Is it possible for an individual or a church, if they have a particular interest or concern, to take just one module from the whole menu of the integrated course? YES! If you do this, do you need to do the assignments as well? NO!

We are delighted to offer all our modules for use in a variety of ways. Join us for the joy of learning and going deeper into subjects that have always interested you. Or join us for the benefit to your church by having someone learn about a particular area that is important to the church.

Benefit from the course sessions by coming to one or more of our brilliant course weekends; learn alongside our students training for ministry and perhaps others like yourself. Sessions are lively, and are taught by people who are experts in their field, and also involved themselves in ministry and church leadership. We know what we are talking about!

Use one or more modules in your church to provide deeper background for Bible Study and worship, or to help you to work through the issues relating to good congregational church administration – or something else. Some modules will help you to discover the possibilities and challenges of partnering with an overseas church to look at mission together, or how to develop a sustainable local involvement with your wider community. There really are many possibilities, so look at our modules.

Participate in one of our research modules to help you think through an area of discipleship or church life. The subject is up to you, but we can introduce you to different methods of research that may enable you to undertake your research appropriately, and we can support you in that research activity.

Test a sense of calling that you may have by choosing one or more of our modules that address ministry today and the range of seven accredited ministries within the Congregational Federation.

Build on your current qualifications to gain a BA (Hons) Practical Theology degree if you are able to apply for accreditation for prior learning. You may have academic credits in theology or religious studies from having done the FD with us in the recent past, or from other courses elsewhere. If so, you may have enough of these to make you eligible to join our integrated course at the final level. See the level 6 page for further information.

You can find out more about all of these exciting possibilities by emailing us at or telephoning 0115 911 1460.