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The Story of your Bible

'Many years ago I was given my grandfathers Bible.  It was a KIng James version, with thin pages, and on the inside cover were newspaper cuttings of wedding and birth announcements. As I cleared my house ready to move overseas, I lost sight of that Bible.  On my wedding day in a foreign country, my son gave me a present - my grandfathers old Bible which he had rescued from my house clearance, as he knew it was important to me'

Freedom to read the Bible was a hugely significant part fo the Reformation..To commemorate this, we are suggesting that people may like to share the story of their Bible. How they came to own it, who gave it to them, why that particulary Bible is still important to them today.  If you have a story to tell, you are welcome to send it to us, and we will share your stories more widely.

Action for March: share the story of your Bible