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Reforming Christ – God’s living, loving Word

At the National Assembly, held in the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea on Saturday 10th June 2017, the winner of the song writing competition - devised with the Free with God initiative - was announced. Both the winner and the runner up will have their songs published in the next edition of Worship Live.

The winner was Rev Dr Graham Adams and this is his winning entry:


Runner Up: Jane Hawksworth - All praise to God who sets us free

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Listen to the first performance of this hymn:

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‘Free with God’: Reforming Faith

Reforming Christ – God’s living, loving Word
the Scriptures cradle and attest to you;
speak to us now, shed tears and light again:
for you are making us and all things new!

Reforming Christ! Nail questions to our doors
to make us think again, to seek your ways;
for we neglect debate at truth’s expense –
so shake us out of each complacent haze.

Reforming Christ! Your faith enthrals my soul
and forms the righteousness your word enfleshed.
Call me to work for justice in all realms,
till church and kingdoms make your will their guest.

Reforming Christ! Expose what we indulge –
the things that seem to count, which miss the mark;
so help us see where faith is funding wealth,
and shake us to address the gap so stark.

Reforming Christ! Always reform your church!
Transform us till our minds conform to you –
Christ of the nails and faith that’s for the poor – 
for you are making us and all things new!

Graham Adams (2017)
Suggested tune: Woodlands
Inspired by engagement with Luther, in this 500th anniversary year

Themes from engagement with Luther:
Vs 1: Scripture as Christ’s cradle; Christ continues to address us through scriptureVs 2: 95 theses nailed to the door; the value of theological reflectionVs 3: We are justified by Christ’s faith; righteousness & justice; vocation; God works in all realmsVs 4: indulgences, the church’s wealth and the exploitation of the poorVs 5: reformed and always reforming