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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland says:

'There are fifty million Christians in Germany who, traditionally, have mostly belonged to the Roman Catholic Church or one of the Protestant State Churches. Recent developments, particularly the reception of refugees and asylum seekers, have begun to change this balance and other Christian traditions are finding expression. Whilst that which unites the churches is stronger than that which divides, there are still areas of difference in which the churches remain self-absorbed or construct new walls.

The text from 2 Corinthians announces that God has, in Christ, reconciled the world to himself. The love of Christ compels us to be ambassadors of this reconciliation, which is enacted by dismantling the walls. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany experienced how a seemingly insurmountable wall could be brought down. The fall of this wall is a symbol of hope that, with the love of God, nothing is impossible.'

'Reconciling' is one of the five elements which form part of the Commemoration of 500 years of the Reformation. Prayers for Christian Unity play an important part in this, and many Congregational Federation Churches are playing their part.

Action for January: work with churches of other denominations to prayer for  unity in Christ.