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South AfricaThe International Congregational Fellowship meets every four years at a conference held around the world. In 2013 the CF was involved in hosting the event in London. Next year (2017), the Conference will be held at Stellenbosch University near Cape Town, South Africa.

The Conference will take place between Thursday 6th and Tuesday 11th July 2017.

Your invitation is the below video:

Many people from many lands and many cultures CALLED TO FREEDOM through one Lord, Jesus Christ.

The conference will explore three themes throughout the event; Freedom in Worship Freedom of the Mind and Freedom to Serve. There will also have opportunities as part of the programme to explore the rich history and culture of South Africa.

There are plans for a small group of people to attend the conference through CF-XTRA as part of the international experience that year, more details will be confirmed and available in the coming months on the future events page.

Come and join the Conference and share fellowship with members of congregational churches from around the world.