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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland serves CTE, ACTS and CYTUN and the Council of Churches in Ireland (the whole Island) as a coordinating agent and provides certain services that can only be provided at a UK wide level. 

It also enables Church leaders within all four parts of the country to meet up and work together.

Many Churches, one purpose
There are many different Christian churches and denominations, but all have the same basic calling - to worship God, to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to work for the good of all people.

So they often need to work together - and to co-ordinate the work they each do separately. When they do, they are acting as Churches Together.

But being Churches Together means more than that. It means commitment by each church and denomination to deepen its fellowship with the others, and - without losing what makes each interestingly different - to work with them towards a greater visible unity.

To help the churches live as Churches Together, a number of small organizations have been created to ease their way. There is one in almost every town or community, to help them to work together locally. There are others in the regions, and for each of the four nations of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. And there is Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Many areas of work are best tackled for Britain and Ireland as a whole, rather than in the separate nations. It is also important for the different parts of Britain and Ireland to keep in touch even when working separately. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland is the instrument they use.

Areas in which we have specific involvement include:

  • The Global Mission Network
  • International Affairs
  • Consultative Group on Ministry Among Children
  • The Churches Inter-religious Network