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Reporting Back

I said at the start of the Distinctive project I wanted to listen and hear the voices at the start of this process, I think I have listened and heard.  I hope that the Holy Spirit has been an integral part of that listening process.

The full report went to Council to be discussed in November 2014. The report is only a snap shot in time, some things in the full report have now moved on or have changed already.

Council agreed on the basis of the full report there will be a phase 2 of the Distinctive process, and it will run until at least June 2015. They wanted the full report to be made public and a two page A4 summary going onto the Congregational Federation website and social media before Christmas. All who are part of the Congregational Federation organisation would be asked for their comments and feedback as the start of this second phase.

However, website and social media is not ideal for everyone, so, in the new year there will be a letter with the 2 page A4 summary sent to all of the following (in no particular order);

  1. Church Secretaries
  2. Accredited roles of Ministers, Minister of other denominations serving in Federation churches and others serving.
  3. Personal members and Associates
  4. All Area officers and executives.
  5. All Area workers
  6. Council Representatives
  7. Members of all CF Boards and Committees
  8. All CF Staff

There is a simple request – read, reflect, discuss and feedback on the questions as outlined below. All of the feedback will be gathered together and then discussed at the March 2015 Council meeting.

Like Council, you are now asked to reflect upon a couple of questions;

  • What has captured your imagination in the report?
  • What concerns you?

And then finally the big question is

  • What should happen now?

How would you answer those questions?

Read the report, share with friends, discuss at Church meetings, area executives, assemblies, etc.. Please don’t leave it to gather dust.

Please do feedback, comments or questions to Tim Lea, distinctive@congregational.org.uk, 01455 617377, Distinctive feedback c/o The Congregational Centre, 8 Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AS

The full report can be found at www.congregational.org.uk/report

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Tim Lea 
December 2014