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Looking Forward

In 1972 when the Congregational Federation was born it was as a result of not wanting to go into the URC. For those involved there was a clear desire to remain part of a long tradition of living the Congregational Way.

When you ask today What is the Congregational Way? most people answer by talking about ecclesiology, the way we are and how we do church. For many that will be about the way each church is self governing and how decisions are made under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is a good way to answer the question, not wrong and certainly 'right'.

However, if we want to talk about the Congregational Way in the 21st Century is it 'best'? The vast majority of people are not interested in church, or the way we do church, they are interested in the spiritual and often seem to assume they will not find that in church! Many people are still fascinated by Jesus, his life, his works and message.

Is it time that the confession Jesus is Lord becomes the priority for the Congregational Way today?

What do you think our priority should be for the Congregational way?