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Congregational Distinctive - Heroes

When I was a lad my hero was a Scot called Andy Irvine. He played rugby for Scotland, and the British and Irish Lions. As a young rugby player he was my hero because of his blistering pace and his intent to play attacking rugby. It was quite simple ... I wanted to play rugby like him.

Andy Irvine

Many of us have heroes. People we want to be like or to emulate.

As a Christian I have heroes of the faith too. I have liked the way they have lived their lives, they have walked with me for a time and so have enriched my life and inspired me. People like Betty, Roger, John, Graham, Miranda, Vaughan, Walter, Brian ... some of them are famous ... some of them you will have never heard of ... some of them have lived life with a Congregational distinctive.

So, who are your heroes of the faith and why? Who are the heroes of the Congregational distinctive/way for you and why?

As part of the distinctive project we would like to know, send us some feedback and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.