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Directions to our Nottingham Office

Route from Nottingham Railway Station to Congregational Federation Offices at 8 Castle Gate.

On leaving the train, make sure you follow the signs to the Main Exit - and no other exit! Turn right into the station hallway (with refreshments) to come out onto the usually busy Carrington Street. Turn right, downhill, walking over the canal and down to a major road junction with pedestrian crossing lights. Continue over onto pedestrian walkway, keeping left.

Continue through the temporary boarded walkway onto Lister Gate.

Keep walking along the left side until you see, ahead, the major store of M & S and turn left there into the road clearly marked Castle Gate. You will see the church immediately on the right. Walk past it, and past the entrance to Cleaves Hall and past the sticking out sign of the Congregational Centre to the door to the centre. Ring the bell and await the welcome message and the click of the door being opened for you.