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Promoting the Congregational Way!

The Congregational Federation style guide has been carefully written and designed to enable all Congregational Federation’s communication material to be as effective and consistent as possible. In an ever-increasing visually aware society it is crucial that Congregational Federation presents itself in a clear way to make the best use of the logo and corporate branding.

CF Logos for download


The Congregational Federation logo is one of the main images to be used for branding. The logo is made up of two letters in two colours which form the fish shape, with the name underneath. The centrality and importance of the fish shape reflects the evangelical identity of Congregational Federation. Within the confines of the logo these elements should never be separated or manipulated in any way.

Local Churches and Area Associations are invited to make use of the Logo and other styling. A full set of the CF brand guidelines can be provided upon request.

Colour palette - The basic Congregational Federation colour palette is based on two main colours: Dark Green and Light Green. They can be used as CMYK or Pantone.

Dark Green C100 M0 Y40 K30 Pantone 3145C Pantone 321U R0 G120 B127 Hex #00787F

Light Green C50 M0 Y100 K0 Pantone 376C Pantone 382U R151 G191 B13 Hex #97BF0D