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Congregational Conference 2018

Update – 15th January 2018

A New Year! A New Way!

The planning group Mark Taylor, Sian Lampard, Oliver Kinchin, Tracy O’Neill, Beth Rushmer, Joy Langford, Walter Riggans, Judith Mbaabu and Johnny O’Hanlon have been working on the conference for this year. However after a few meetings and prayerful reflection their conviction is that there is a better type of genuinely interactive event than a conference that will provide the worship, fellowship and supportive challenge that we all need and want from God.

The annual conference has provided a good time for a number of people, but we need to be discerning, under God, what kind of annual event will attract much larger numbers, including children, youth and young adults, from the wide family which is the Congregational Federation.

We are looking at this as an opportunity for a new focus and a new format, gathering people together to pause, pray and praise, encourage, equip and empower one another.

We are thinking of an event perhaps sometime in October of this year, because that time is not cluttered with other things, it is far enough ahead of the Advent season, and it will include a half-term week for at least some of us.

We look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

If you have any questions or queries or even ideas then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

God bless

Yvonne Campbell