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Congregational Conference 2017 - A Story to Tell

Congregational Conference 201718th-21st April 2017 - Cliff College, Derbyshire

Human beings love listening to stories and telling stories. We are shaped by stories - especially if we discover truth in them. Perhaps you can remember a time when somebody shared the difference that Jesus had made in their life and the impact that made on you. Perhaps you can remember hearing about the amazing witness of a person from history and how that inspired your own faith. Perhaps you’ve read the Bible and a passage has jumped out at you - relevant in a new way.

This year our Conference has the theme of having ‘A Story to Tell’. We’ll be looking at our Protestant origins in this 500th anniversary of Reformation with Rev. Dr David Cornick but also asking what is the Reformation’s continuing story? Rev. Dr Janet Wootton will ask us to reflect on the life and legacy of Rev. Constance Coltman. Nick Page will be helping us to learn some biblical storytelling skills and Rev. Dr Graham Adams will encourage us hear some of the more down-played but vital stories in Scripture for the living of our days. We’ve got some great worship with Rev. Peter Thomas - another storyteller - and workshops where people have tried to communicate the gospel in particular contexts including Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. You might think they need all the prayer they can get! As ever our theme will be continued into our dedicated provision for children and young people.

Cliff College is situated in some stunning countryside and it does feel a world away from the usual pressures of life. It’s also a good time to catch up with Congregational friends and make new ones. Who knows this Conference might be a significant time in your story of faith?