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Messy Vintage

'Messy Vintage began in a Methodist Church in Jersey and is a missional offshoot of Messy Church. Like Messy Church, it is Christ-centred, creative, full of celebration, hospitable and aspires to be for all ages together, whilst acknowledging that in some cases, having all ages together is impractical. Messy Vintage is a way to reach out to older people.

Ways to host Messy Vintage:

  • In a church or hall at a time of day suitable for older people, with fewer and more sedate activities than a Messy Church, a celebration and an appropriate meal.
  • In a church or hall to which both older people and toddler groups are invited.
  • In a school where older people and a class are united together.
  • A simplified version of Messy Church in a care home, exploring a Bible story with the residents and staff through a few creative activities and a celebration together, followed by refreshments provided by the home.
  • In a care home or hospital ward for people with dementia. A Messy Vintage team can adapt the model to the needs of the people and staff there.'

Taken from Messy Vintage