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Loneliness doesn't Discriminate

Livability have recently produced a blog and resources that offer ideas on combating loneliness in communities. They say:

'We met recently with a small village church with a regular congregation of 20. The church were aware of the problem of isolation of older people in their community, but felt like they lacked the resource to tackle it. We tried to turn the problem on its head. It seemed that the most helpful question was not ‘How do we solve the problem of loneliness in our community?’ but ‘What do we like doing we can invite others to join in with?’ We then explored the wide range of interests the group enjoyed, which led to further creative ideas of how others could be included.'

They address the following topics

  • Loneliness doesn't discriminate - how churches can help from a place of abundance.
  • How would it look if we first started thinking about each person’s strengths and gifts?
  • Activities such as prayer, craft, music can be great sources of connection when verbal communication may be limited.
  • Small- scale actions can still create great connections between people.

and offer a useful resource 'Fullness of Life ' Report to download.