Scunthorpe Congregational Church have started a new initiative. Betty Bentham tells us:

'Our new BASH Club (Build After School Hour) is going great guns. We meet on Tuesdays at 5.30pm till 6.30pm. We have 14 children on our book ages from 5 to 9. I did think the parents would just drop them off and collect later. But they stay, make drinks and sit and have a chat, help if needed and generally have a social hour too.

Each week I try to steer them to build something that is mentioned in the Bible. While they build we talk about the item and we relate it to the Bible story. I let their imaginations wander and it’s just wonderful to listen to them as they bring the bible into their world.

We started by building boats just like Noah did! Well that led to wonderful boats and ships that could fly or dive under the water. You may think that’s nothing to do with Noah, but not so. They talked about how Noah could have made the journey to the mountain so much faster and easier and how the world may not have been flooded for so long. Also God would have cared for them just the same.

We always find time to talk about their day and share what’s happening and also to finish with a little prayer.'

If a starter grant could help your church start something similar, contact us.