Pray for Schools

What do you do when your local school is vandalised? Or you hear one of the teachers has been diagnosed with cancer? Or new education policies are implemented?

Do you feel worried? Wonder what can be done? Or do you pray?

Pray for Schools

There are 30,000 schools in the UK, and Pray for School’s vision is to see every single one of them supported by regular Christian prayer. Pray for Schools is not an organisation to ‘join’, but a network that exists simply to encourage prayer for schools in partnership with prayer groups, churches and Christian organisations. With prayer the combined efforts of Christian teachers, parents, governors, school board members and many others will become more effective.

Pray for Schools encourages prayer for schools in three ways:

  1. Maintaining a record of all schools in the UK who are supported by prayer groups or praying individuals at any time. There are many groups already praying. If groups register with us, then we can put others wanting to pray for those schools in touch with them. We also provide guidelines for groups and individuals who want to start praying for a school.
  2. Promoting larger prayer events for schools in an area, organised around Education Sunday, Pray for Schools Fortnight, Back to School Sunday and Pray Day for Schools.
  3. Encouraging churches to pray for and support their local schools.

Find out how your church can get involved by visiting the Pray for Schools Website via the link on the right and click the Get Involved section.