Likewise Events

Likewise began as a way of bringing together churches with a similar focus, to enable them to discuss ideas, to share learning and, where possible, to offer mutual support. The first event was a City Likewise, held at Ladypool Road Congregational in Birmingham.


The second event was a Rural Likewise, held at North Nibley Congregational Church, Gloucestershire.

For the third event, Worship Likewise, the overall concept changed. Clearly all churches are involved in worship, so the link was not the nature of the church, but the shared learning, ideas and challenges around something that is integral to the life of the church.

The question now is ‘What about the next Likewise?’ Maybe your church is passionate about becoming more inclusive. Perhaps you feel God is calling your church to a ministry for older people. Or maybe you have a heart for discipleship and young people. Whatever you feel God is calling your church to be, would it help if you were able to meet up and spend time with people with a shared calling?

It would be good to hear your thoughts on this. Also, if you are able to offer a venue, or people with specialist skills who might like to get involved, we would love to know. You are welcome to email us, or ring us, or drop us a line if that works best for you.
Church Support Team