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Empowering women and girls (Central America)

Our match-funded project will empower indigenous communities to claim their rights to sexual and reproductive health. Our partners will:

  • train traditional birth attendants to provide healthcare,
  • will ensure that contraceptive supplies are readily available.
  • will make sure women from indigenous communities are welcomed, not excluded.
  • will educate teachers, heads of families and pupils on family planning, HIV, pregnancy and sexual and gender based violence.

Through the project, an incredible 200,113 women of child-bearing age will be helped – and a further 566,955 in the target areas will indirectly benefit.


Update winter 2016

Alicia’s hope
At 37, Alicia Hernández doesn’t feel old enough have a five-year-old granddaughter. She about the future for the girl, and also for her daughter, who became a mother aged just 10.Determined to give her granddaughter and children more opportunities, Alicia set out to increase her understanding of the issues facing women and girls in  Honduras.

Over the past few months, our partner the Christian Agency for Integral Development of Honduras (OCDIH) has organised 38 local health committees and established 37 local family planning posts, where women can find out information about their rights as well as their options around planning a family.

Alicia is now a facilitator of mothers’ groups in two communities, where the women are able to share their experiences and learn more about their rights and healthy practices.