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It’s Cherry Picking Season!

This is our special post-lockdown invitation to cherry-pick one of the modules from our training course. And with it comes a special offer to all individuals and churches. Because we want to encourage you to take full advantage of the possibility of travel and gathering with people safely indoors - though with all the best precautions guaranteed - we are inviting you to join us for fellowship and study in a subject dear to your heart. Come to Nottingham and enjoy a time of deeper reflection on important matters for us all.

This is an invitation for individuals who would like to take this opportunity for guided learning and also for churches who might like to send a member or two on their behalf to learn and take back to the church ideas and material that can be shared with everyone.As an encouragement to all members of Congregational churches, we are offering this opportunity for the coming year at a cost of only £50 per module (usually up to £130) - whichever module you pick. 

One of the joys of cherry picking is that you don’t need to do any assignments! However, to get the best out of yourself and out of studying a subject, it is so good to apply yourself to an assignment which will receive positive feedback from the tutors as well as a grade. You can choose to do the assignments for a module, but this will attract a further charge of £25.The four teaching weekends are in September, January, April, and June. However, several modules are taught at each weekend, and if you are simply picking one module, you will not need to be present for the whole of any of the relevant weekends for your chosen module.

Depending on the schedule of the relevant weekends, it may mean having to stay overnight in Nottingham. We can help with that, including you in our arrangements for all the students and tutors who stay here in the same hotel for the full weekend. You will need to pay for your accommodation, but by booking with us you will secure a preferential rate.  You will also have the pleasure of a night away from home in a hotel - in the company of the other students and the tutors!From September through to next June, various subjects are yours to taste and enjoy (keeping up the cherry analogy).  Please click here to see the modules you can chose from, along with more details about each one.

To apply for your chosen module please complete the short application form using the link below.

Application Form

If you have any queries about joining us for individual modules, please contact walter.riggans@congregational.org.uk