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Church Youth and Children's Contacts

CF-XTRA needs an active connection to the local churches. CF-XTRA is for the young people in our churches, but how can they know they are involved if they are not told the information?

Does your church have a Youth & Children's Contact? Do your young people know who it is and what's available for them?

Are you involved in leadership of young people in your church? Do you have regular contact with those in attendance to your church fellowship provisions? Would you be prepared to receive mailings for your church's youth and help enable them to get involved with CF-XTRA as a wider church community?

The church Y&C contact is the first port-of-call for anything related to the youth in your churches concerning information from the Congregational Federation. They must have an active and regularly checked email address as this is how information is immediately dispatched from the Office.

As a 'Church Y&C Contact' you will be sent copies of the following CF-XTRA items; brochures, posters, programmes, badges, election briefings and booking forms.

As a 'Church Y&C Contact' YOU are responsible for the young people in your church to find out about what's going on regionally and nationally.

A church Y&C contact is vital for your young people to be involved in what happens nationally, such as being nominated to stand for Core Team, or to vote for the nominated leadership Core Team of CF-XTRA following the hustings held at the National Assembly each year.

Not sure who your 'Church Y&C Contact' is? Please get in touch with the office by emailing Church Support Team.

We look forward to your support in involving your young people with the wider life of the Federation.