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Golden Threads ...

... reflections from 50 years of The Congregational Federation and The United Reformed Church

‘My prayer for this publication is that it fills your heart with hope and sparks your heart to action,’ writes the Congregational Federation General Secretary, Yvonne Campbell, in the forward of this new book.

Published by both the URC and the Congregational Federation the book has gathers together reflections from eyewitnesses across the 50 years from the churches’ formation in 1972 to the recent pandemic.

Golden Threads BookMany of these reflections are personal stories of where the contributors were as the churches went their separate ways. They also include examples of how enriching the experience of working together has been.

‘Working with others often means we have to stretch our minds and precepts somewhat; this can be difficult but also brings a joy in collaboration when it simply seems right. Surely that, in turn, would be joyous to God.’ Mark Tubby, Weoley, Dovercourt, URC.

Not all the reflections look backwards. ‘We are at a crossroads as a people, as a church and in our life on the planet. We have an opportunity to be the reformation in which we believe.’ Heather Whyte, Rodborough & Painswick, URC.

Proceeds from the book will go to the Trussell Trust, whose network of foodbank provides emergency food and support to people in crisis.

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