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50th Anniversary Appeal Update

Thank you for your very generous support of our 50th Anniversary Appeal in conjunction with Christian Aid. We are nearing the end of the year and we will update this page with the final amount raised soon.

In the meantime please download and share the latest update from Christian Aid on our partnership project.

Christian Aid has included an update on their work in Central America too:

Christian Aid has for many years worked successfully with communities and partners in Nicaragua. Sadly recent developments within the country has seen Christian Aid along with 1400 other NGO’s be closed down by authorities and forced to leave Nicaragua. Christian Aid has had to close its office in the country and is presently reviewing how our valuable collaborations with partners can continue in future. We remain committed to local communities and our partners in Nicaragua and hopes that the situation will soon change to allow the return of ourselves and other NGO’s and to allow Christian Aid to continue to fund programmes in the country. However at the present time Christian Aid is focusing its efforts on other countries in the region including Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. We hope that the Congregational Federation will be able to support this valuable work as part of its anniversary appeal.