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Congregational Federation 50th Anniversary Appeal

Dear all,

We will celebrate in 2022 our 50th anniversary as the Congregational Federation. It is a time to reflect and thank God for his faithfulness and all he has done throughout those years. It is also a time to be generous and reach out to others around the world. The Congregational Federation has always supported Christian Aid and the relationship has grown and developed and we have raised thousands of pounds for the amazing projects and work that Christian Aid has accomplished in helping some of the world’s poorest communities.

Believing that we should adopt a wider focus for our 50th anniversary, this years’ appeal will look at the impact of climate change on our global neighbours. Our focus is a project in Nicaragua, which is the largest country in Central America. Nicaragua has undergone periods of political unrest, dictatorship, occupational and fiscal crisis, but the mixture of cultural traditions has generated substantial diversity. The project is run by Christian Aid partners Soppexcca, and centres on a cocoa farm, so I think that is a perfect opportunity to have a chocolate fundraising activity!

The reality of climate change challenges us to look at our own lives and to consider how we can respond as a church.

For this, I encourage you to engage with the resources and ideas Christian Aid have produced. Our prayer is that you feel able to commit to giving £50 in our 50th year so we can raise an outstanding amount of £11,500!

Thank you in anticipation for your amazing generosity

God bless you

Yvonne Campbell
General Secretary