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Congregational and General Charitable Trust

The Congregational and General Charitable Trust is an independent grant-making charity. It's aim is to support churches, particularly those of the United Reformed and Congregational denominations, in the provision and repair of suitable buildings. In 2015 the Trust awarded 42 grants amounting to just under £120,000.

Trust Objectives

  • To make grants for the overall care, upkeep and extension of churches
  • To make grants towards the capital costs of church community projects
  • To promote the Christian religion and, in particular, the United Reformed and Congregational denominations, and other churches of the Protestant tradition.

Funding Guidance
The grants given currently range from a minimum of £500 to a maximum of £10,000, and are directly related to the cost of the project involved. Within the above limits, grants are usually 10% of the project cost, to the nearest £500. Such arrangements are subject to constant review.

They will normally be for capital projects involving building work: repairs, improvements or extensions. The Trust do not consider applications for help with projects costing over £1 million, nor funding for a small part of such larger projects.

How to Apply
To apply for a grant visit The Trust Website (link above right), click on the section How To Apply and download the application form.

It is important that your complete the form satisfactorily. You may be refused a grant if you leave any relevant questions unanswered, if we cannot read your writing, or if any part of the documentation is in a language other than English.

You will need to attach your church accounts including balance sheet, and any documentation supporting the estimated cost of the project.