ACT Early

Action Counters Terrorism has launched new website designed to give help for family and friends who maybe be worried that someone is being drawn into terrorism.

Is someone close becoming a stranger?
It can be hard to know what to do if you’re worried someone close is expressing extreme views or hatred, which could lead to them harming themselves or others. Working with other organisations, the police protect vulnerable people from being exploited by extremists through a Home Office programme called Prevent.

Take a look at the new website and share with your church fellowship if you can.

By working together with other organisations and putting the right package of support in place, Prevent officers have helped many people to move away from extremism and find a new direction.

If you’d rather not talk to them directly, there are other people you can speak to. This could be a teacher, a community organisation or faith leader, your local authority or a health professional.

If you prefer to look online first, here are some other organisations you can go to for advice and support: