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The Alumni Association are supporting the publication of work by our students (current or Alumni); providing an outlet for high quality student research and helping to promote both Congregationalism and our course to the wider community.


With lockdowns now beginning to come to an end, and groups soon being allowed to meet again, your church may be considering ways in which you can bring people back together.

Our Occasional Papers #2, 'Church Knitting and Craft Group', written by Alumni Association member Sue McFarlane, might offer you just the inspiration you need! 

Sue's Occasional Paper details her experiences and research carried out in preparation for setting up a church knitting and craft group, and explores some of the surprising psychological and social benefits of such a group.

Occasional Papers #2 Church Knitting and Craft Group

                We hope you enjoy this publication!

You can still access Occasional Papers #1 using the link below.

Occasional Papers #1 Crediton Congregational Church's 'Middle-C'