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Welcome to the 2019 Alumni Association event!

New Religious Movements in the UK

Read on even if you are not a member of the Alumni Association - all are welcome!

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association will be held on Wednesday, 12 June 2019, at our Nottingham Congregational Federation Centre, 12.00 - 2.00 pm including lunch.

Members of the Alumni Association are encouraged to see more information on our dedicated Alumni Association website. We will also be contacting you by email about the event.

Our keynote speaker for this year is Dr Anne Richards, the Church of England’s National Adviser for Mission Theology, New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities.  Anne will present a session which will provide an introduction to the 4,000+ New Religious Movements operating in the UK today. She will talk about why people join them and what issues this raises for the Church. We will hear observations and advice about engaging New Religious Movements and those who are part of them, or are being drawn to them, and she will provide a robust look at those which do harm.

Anne is a prolific writer and speaker, and has produced a large number of mission-focused books and articles. These include:

  • Presence and Prophecy(2002)
  • Unreconciled(2011)

These keynote sessions (though not the AGM of members) will be open to all those who have an interest in the topic of the year, and all are invited to join us on the day for the opening session and lunch. 

During lunch, we also present works of art on biblical themes and Christian concerns as seen through the eyes of contemporary Christian artists. The Christian artist being featured this year is Chris Higham.

The charge to those who are not Alumni Association members for participating in the keynote session and lunch, is £20.

So let me welcome you again to our Annual Event, and I encourage you to book you place with us as soon as possible. It will be an excellent time of fellowship and learning together for our Christian service.

Please use the booking form on the right and pay online here using the Alumni Event button.

Alternatively please send your booking form and payment by cheque to Maddy Varley at the address on the form.