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Alumni Association

What is an Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association is made up of people who have some link to the CF course. Perhaps they are graduates of the FD course (or one of its predecessors), or tutors, or people who took a GIFT Course or module or two.of the FD. or maybe those, who for whatever reason, were not able to complete the course.

The idea of an Alumni, within the CF, is to bring together those who have a heart for the course to provide support and encouragement to those who are currently studying and future students too, alongside providing fellowship and support for members beyond the Training Course,

The CF Alumni members have, in the past, contributed to providing new books to the library and through their subscriptions and donations, have also provided grants to students who need a little extra help.

We would like to relaunch the Alumni Association in 2024 and discussions are already taking place about how what we can offer to you, our members.

Suggestions so far include

  • Events with speakers (these could be face to face and with Zoom access)
  • Skills workshops (like resolving conflict or handling difficult situations)
  • Passing information of training events in the wider world (e.g. Webinars run by other organisations)
  • Residential opportunities (like Spring/Summer school or Leadership Conference)
  • Alumni WhatsApp group for sharing information.

Of course if you have any more ideas then do let us know

What is the cost?

The annual membership fee is just £10, or you can become a life member for a one-off payment of £100, For those who have never been a member before, we will be offering the first year FREE so you can see what a great group it is to join! 

How do I find out more?

To contact us 



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