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Growing Disciples

Every-member-ministry is vital to Congregational churches. One expression of this is the opportunities we can give to young adults to develop as leaders. The Growing Disciples programme is for emerging young leaders who may have already benefited from participation in the Congregational Federation and are interested in testing their calling to further Christian service. 

As well as helping young people develop, the programme is also intended to strengthen the life of our churches by retaining the involvement of those with gifts and commitment to offer. 



Growing Disciples

  • lasts from 6 to 12 months
  • includes an element of training
  • is grounded in service within a local church
  • provides accommodation and a generous living allowance
  • includes an opportunity to travel and gain new experiences
  • is for Congregational young people aged 18 to 29.


Previous participants have developed programmes in an inner-city church to reach marginalised people, taught in a primary school overseas, worked at a national church office … there are all kinds of possibilities. 

To find out more about the scheme, please contact the Youth and Children’s Office. Applications can be made at any time, but have to be approved by the Youth and Children's Group. 

At present we are looking for church placements for our 2016 Growing Disciples participant.
Click here for a copy of the letter sent to churches.

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