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International Congregational Fellowship

The International Congregational Fellowship is a vibrant global expression of a multiplicity of local Congregational churches and associational bodies across the world. For Congregationalists, how our churches are organised and run have to reflect the principles and values that Jesus taught, and the pattern we find for church life and Christian leadership in the Bible.

Congregational churches do not exist in isolation but have traditionally formed free associations or networks. ICF provides a global identity and a valuable opportunity for Congregationalists from all over the world to enjoy fellowship with one another.

How ICF is organised
The International Congregational Fellowship functions as a global network. There is no head office or headquarters staff. Various roles are shared throughout the nations.

Conference elects members to its International Executive Committee every four years. These include a Moderator (or Co-Moderators), and International Secretary, an International Treasurer and a Communications Officer. In addition to these officers the IEC includes Regional Secretaries, each one appointed by the Conference representatives from each of the ICF Region.

Various aspects of the life of the Fellowship are delegated to various Commissions. For example, these include among others a Youth Commission, and a Structures Commission that deals with constitutional aspects. And to supplement their work we have three roving Ambassadors who travel various parts of the world representing ICF.