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The Torch Trust

The Torch Trust is a Christian charity that supports those people living with visual impairment.

The Torch TrustIt is well-known for having a library of Christian literature in large print, braille and audio. It also offers a large print and braille service. Torch supports work with people with visual impairment overseas and helps people network in the U.K. through fellowship groups and book groups. Many people with visual impairment say that one of their greatest challenges is isolation and loneliness. Torch also helps local churches to be more aware of issues surrounding sight-loss.

Torch TrustHowever, as well as maintaining its present work Torch is heading off in an exciting new direction. It hopes to run a be-friending service for those who are in the process of losing their sight. The Torch Trust will offer training and support to local churches who are interested. These churches would then be put in touch with someone who would really appreciate their friendship. What a wonderful way to demonstrate Christ’s love at a time when people may be experiencing confusion and grief and what a privilege to journey alongside them. Torch Trust

If this is something your fellowship might be interested in please contact me on 07710 183477 in the first instance.

We often wonder as a church what our mission could be, particularly if big mission projects seem too daunting. This is a mission project that means supporting a few individuals and could be something that a medium or small sized church could do. They would be a lot of back-up from The Torch Trust who would be at the other end of a phone.