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The Forgiveness Project


The Forgiveness Project is a charity established by Maria Cantacuzino andMarina Cantacuzino has Archbishop Desmond Tutu as a patron. It uses real-life stories from around the world to explore ideas around conflict, forgiveness and reconciliation. The stories come from Rwanda, South Africa and Northern Ireland to name just a few and they are all thought-provoking and moving. You can read the stories at http://theforgivenessproject.com/stories/ . If you ever lead worship on this topic these stories make the issues clear and close. They beg the question; how would I feel in their shoes? What would be my response? The stories are not tidy and they are not all Christian. They deal with the reality of pain and human brokenness. However, there is a thread of inspiring hope.

ForgivenessYour church can hire an exhibition of the stories and photographs of the people who have shared them. One church I know used it a few years ago and it led to some deep pastoral conversation within the fellowship and with visitors. These are a few of the comments left in the visitors’ book.


 Impressive and moving display. Thank you for doing this.

Helpful display of a complex issue.

Deserving every minute: life enriching

I am from Rwanda and I understand the meaning of ‘genocide’….Only with the love of God can we forgive.  Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project also has an awarding winning film called ‘Beyond right and wrong’ that churches can screen for free. It asks; how do whole societies recover from devastating conflict? Can survivors live, smile, even laugh? Can victims and perpetrators work together to rebuild? You can watch a trailer at http://beyondrightandwrong.com

We live in a world where these issues touch us all. Surely, Christians should be at the forefront of discussing what forgiveness looks like.

Suzanne Nockels