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Freedom Sunday 2016

Freedom Sunday is a global day of worship, prayer and action on human trafficking. On Sunday 16th October 2016 (or Saturday 15th October) faith communities will join together to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking and show the world our compassion for men, women and children who are trafficked and exploited around the world.

As the world’s faith communities we must demonstrate a united and tangible response against human trafficking. This heinous crime must not be tolerated.

Through Freedom Sunday, faith communities will make commitments to take action to prevent the crime of human trafficking in our local and global communities. Together, let’s stop human trafficking and let’s start freedom.


Download the resource pack and within the pack you will find a selection of worship materials from different cultures and denominations to provide a rich resource for you to use. Please use all of these resources as flexibly as you wish and select what will appropriately lead and inspire your faith community. Resources include prayers, sermon thoughts and stories. These resources have been designed to support your faith community to learn more about human trafficking and explore the role that they can play in tackling this injustice. Thank you to all who have contributed towards this resource.

Every instance of trafficking involves a person being trafficked from one community into another; therefore your community has the power to stop human trafficking both locally and globally. Together we can make neighbourhoods safer places where it is harder for traffickers to operate and hide themselves and their victims. A selection of resources are available to equip your community to start taking action to prevent human trafficking. Resources include study materials, ideas for how your faith community can engage wider society and creative campaign actions. Download the Freedom Sunday PDF Guide and visit the Freedom Sunday website (both links at top on right).