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Retreats, Sabbaticals and Space

How can you keep on growing beyond the Integrated Training Course?

Do you have an idea for a sabbatical or want to make the most of an area of interest?

Do you just love reading and need some space to think?

Northern CollegeNorthern College Manchester and Westminster College Cambridge are both offering guided reading and some tutor support time. The idea is that you could meet with a specialist who will suggest some reading material and help you frame your thoughts and research. For £100 Westminster Collegeyou get 6 months use of the library and two tutor support sessions. If you wanted to stay nearby accommodation would be extra. 

The URC Windermere Centre is Windemerealso offering the scheme but doesn’t possess the same library resources. However you get mores support time and a stunning location. The only cost there is the price of accommodation.

Westwood Christian CentreWestwood Christian Centre is spectacularly situated high on a hill above Slaithwaite near Huddersfield. Westwood's emphasis is on providing time and space in peaceful surroundings for people to find relaxation and renewal, to experience God's love in their lives, to listen to each other and to him. Westwood is also ideal for more formal Christian teaching sessions and provides space for retreats, training seminars, workshops, prayer, worship, conferences, youth weekends, quiet days or other events.

Sometimes we all need time to step out of our busy lives to see things more clearly and think more deeply.

Contact Suzanne Nockels at Suzanne.Nockels@congregational.org.uk in the first instance as your chosen area of reading might be of benefit to the whole of the Federation.