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Acorn Christian Healing Foundation

Many of you may have come across the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation. They aim to train and equip listeners and pastoral carers. They have a very holistic view of Christian healing and work within careful boundaries.

They regularly run ‘Listening for Life’ courses around the country. This is a basic introduction to listening skills. One participant writes ‘Listening is a ministry that’s within: one that everybody can do. It transforms chance conversations into something different’. Their next course runs from Friday 7th March to Sunday 9th March at their residential centre at Borden on the Hampshire/Surrey border and costs £160.

They also have DVD resources that could be used by a pastoral team or a group of church visitors to reflect on their practice.

I can heartily recommend your whole church using a pack called ‘Growing a Healing Ministry’. It could be the basis of an exciting group of Bible studies. It starts from the basis that Jesus had a profound healing ministry and asks how can the local church have a healing ministry today in its community. It looks at all forms of healing from past regrets to reconciliation between people and between us and the living God. It is one of the few resources I’ve come across that takes pastoral care out beyond the church family. The pack costs £17.50 plus postage and packing.

You can find Acorns’ courses and publications at www.acornchristian.org

Please let me know if you’ve come across a resource that really works in your church. It would be good to share.