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Can I start off by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. 2017 is a very special year with a major 500 year celebration to be had. Luther is a name that will be on many people’s lips as a number of churches are planning how to celebrate this magnificent anniversary.

On the subject of celebration, the Federation training course is seeking to further establish itself by forming some form of alumni association for those who have sailed its waters. It is now starting its thirty-seventh year of training and a considerable number of people have passed through this journey and obtained a variety of qualifications in numerous ways.

We have a sharp repost to Elaine Kinchin’s article about church being boring. It is always great, from an editorial point of view, to receive an article with the other side of the article and the irony is that it actually comes from Elaine’s previous church in Oldham.

We have mention of two very useful organisations which are actually very different within themselves. Cruse Bereavement Care and Scouting! You don’t often get those two organisations mentioned in the same sentence.

There are very few churches seeking a minister or pastor at the moment. But there is an opportunity for further development if you apply to the Dewy Rowlands Bursary for funds to support further study in a subject of your choosing. This is another golden chance which is open to those within the Federation.

Despite me wishing you Happy New Year at the start of this editorial, we are now looking forward to Easter and to the time of our Congregational Conference. And soon the Annual Assembly will be upon, in June this year and at a venue in Swansea. I hope to bring feedback on both of these flagship events later in the year. I usually write these reports myself but it would be lovely to have volunteers to do this and perhaps give a different perspective to the event my postbag is there to be used!

David Kinchin