Mission Development Officer: Judith Mbaabu

Judith MbaabuThe Mission Development Officers  role is to encourage and support all areas of mission throughout the Federation, under the auspicious of the Mission and Society Committee. 

Key responsibilities include providing Areas and churches with local support for mission, encouraging and enabling churches to apply for grants to support their mission and outreach work, managing the mission web pages, and providing a 'help desk' for local churches

Judith took up the post on 1st September 2010, having previously worked for the Methodist Church both locally and nationally.  In her spare time, she is actively involved in supporting Oases Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Studio Church Development Worker: Phil Wood

Phil WoodTaking up his post with The Studio in March 2015, Phil has a passion for the arts and building Christian community. He has a Mennonite background and loves walking, for enjoyment and reflection.