Congregational Federation Consultation

In her message in the Congregational Federation Year Book, our President Betty Bentham says:

‘Being part of the Congregational Federation is no different from being part of a big family... The twenty first century is fast moving, with lives so full, so busy that it is easy to live in isolation, to forget that we are part of a family. I pray that we can “Stand up and Stand together”. But more than that, I pray that we do not only stand but that we “Go Forward Together”.’

As part of going Forward Together, we are looking at how we shape the Congregational Federation to meet the needs of our members, in the coming years, in the best possible way. This consultation is to give your church an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas, your hopes and dreams, both for your individual churches and for the Congregational Federation as your resourcing body.

I hope that you will discuss the questions after church with a coffee, in your church meetings, in your children’s groups, in your fellowship groups and house groups, and in any gathering of Congregational Federation churches and members. I encourage you to answer as many questions as you can.

I am also inviting personal and associate members to complete the questions on page 2 titled The Congregational Federation – we value everyone’s opinion.

Your responses need to be in as soon as possible or by 31st October.

If you need any further information though, please contact me.

If more convenient, you can return the questionnaire by email.