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Heaton Park Community House

The House, located in the Heaton Park area of north Manchester has been established by the Congregational Federation to offer an experience of small-scale community life to young adults with a Christian commitment.

The House exists to enable Christian young adults to grow in discipleship through community living. Together the residents will work to be an intentional, welcoming, respectful and sustainable community.


To be an intentional community, the House members need dedicated occasions to gather together. This will include regular times for prayer and reflection; regular times for preparing and sharing a meal; and regular times to meet for making plans and resolving issues.

To be a welcoming community, the House members need to share equally in the tasks of keeping a clean, tidy and well-maintained house; and in providing hospitality to visitors.

To be a respectful community, the House members need to consult one another before inviting guests to stay overnight, or to attend a meeting at the House.

To be a sustainable community, the House members will pay an appropriate room rent and share in supporting existing members as they prepare to leave the House; and new members as they prepare to join the House.

The House has a House Leader who will help to maintain the regular patterns of community living mentioned above; and the support of a Management Team who help to steer this project.

The House will be available as a home for the young adults working with the Youth and Children's Office through internship programmes. Other participants of any Christian tradition will be welcomed, provided they are respectful of the Congregational way and of other tenants' faith and practice.

The House opened on Easter Saturday 2014.

In March '14 the CF-XTRA Core Team and Support Group had visited the house and created a film to show at May Assembly introducing the Community House project to the Federation, we are pleased to be able to share this with you here.


Have you considered living as part of a house community? Would you like to be part of this project? We are currently looking for a House Leader and two tenants from January 2016. It's a fantastic opportunity to engage with the project, live with fellow Christians in community and live in a busy, thriving city. The rent is very competitive and includes all bills.

 If you would like to hear more about the Community House project or to apply to be a resident, please get in touch with the Youth & Children's Office Team.